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Do it yourself



You need:
1. A4 thick paper
2. linen
3. template
4. glue stick
5. scissors
6. textile marker/black
7. pigment ink pen/white
8. makrame rope/black 1mm
9. joggle eyes
10. hobby glue
11.decoration pieces
12. 3D foam pads

Use a glue stick for gluing linen fabric to paper. Wait about 6 hours till it is completely dry. Wait longer if needed.
Use your template to draw figures on the side without linen fabric. Cut them out.
Draw a sheep, use a textile marker. Paint its hair and little dots, use a pigment ink pen.
Make 4 holes for arms and legs. Pull 2 long enough pieces of mekrame rope through the holes. Make 4 loops at the end of a rope. Cut the rest.
Glue on joggle eyes, use hobby glue.
Decorate, use hobby glue.
Use 3D foam pads to stick your figure on a prepared greeting card. ENJOY CREATING!